We are New Covenant Baptists.

We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God
We believe that God in His providence enable men through the ages to write the Holy Scriptures. We believe that God preserved the Scriptures through the centuries. God has graciously enabled us to understand them, by the Holy Spirit. We believe the Scriptures are inerrant and infallible.

We believe in both the Sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man. 
According to the Scriptures God is Sovereign in all things, including the salvation of sinners. All are justly condemned by a Holy God.  In an act of Grace and Mercy, the Holy Spirit gives the new birth to those who were given to the Son by the Father before the world was created. A person must repent and respond to the Gospel professing faith in Christ.  This occurs only after the Spirit works in their heart giving them the ability to repent and believe.  All are justly condemned by a Holy God, however, when a person hears the Gospel with the ears of faith and embraces Christ: Ah, that is Grace!

​We believe that man is responsible before God and that God saves depraved sinners because of His great love and mercy for them and not because of any intrinsic goodness in them. 

We belive in missions.
Vineland Park is a missions oriented church.  We believe the preaching of the word is the means God has designated for unregenerate sinners to hear the good news of redemption in Jesus Christ alone. ​We believe the scriptures teach that every believer is to be a witness daily for Christ wherever God has placed him.

We also believe as part of the great commission, in supporting others who are reaching those we do not have opportunity to witness to.   Among other ministries, we support the Southern Baptist Convention & its Cooperative Program, the Southern Baptist Founders Conference, the Greater Birmingham Baptist Association, New Tribes Missions, World Team Missions, Miles McKee Ministries, and Sav-A-Life Bessemer, a pro-life organization ministering as the Pregnancy Resource Center Hueytown.

If you are in the Hueytown area we would love to have you come in and worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us!
Vineland Park Baptist Church
A Reformed Baptist Congregation
"Preaching Jesus Christ Crucified, The Sum Of The Gospel"
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151 20th Street
Hueytown, AL. 35023 

(205) 491-4112

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"A Church With A Mission, A People With A Message"
Doctrinal Statement

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Weekly Schedule
Sunday Services
Worship 10:45 A.M.

Free Tutoring
(Bro Bob: 205-908-5175)
High School and early college Math & Physics

Monthly Events  
(dates subject to change!  
First Sunday: Lord's Supper 
2nd Sunday: 
Fellowship Meal after Morning service except May when it is first Sunday

Ladies Cards & Prayer Time for Missionaries  "Merry Marys"
2x/mo 3:30 pm Monday or Tuesday.