Vineland Park Baptist Church
                A Reformed Baptist Congregation
                    Reaching The World With The Gospel
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151 20th Street
Hueytown, AL. 35023 
(205) 491-4112

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Listen to our Sunday Sermons and Bible Studies 
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Usual Weekly Schedule

Sunday Worship Service       10:45 A.M.         

Monthly Events  
(dates subject to change!) 
​     First Sunday: Lord's Supper 
    2nd Sunday: Fellowship Meal after Morning service
                except May

 Other Ministries
Free Tutoring
(Bro Bob: 205-908-5175)
High School and early college Math & Physics

Merry Marys
Monday or Tues Twice/ Mo. 3:30 pm
Ladies meet to write cards and pray for missionaries


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Home Bible Reading Plan  
In 3 years we are reading through the Old Testament once, and the NT twice except for Matt, Mark, Luke, John which we will read just once.  We started January 1, 2020.  Feel free to start  today  wherever we are!!

Daily readings are on our calendar below.  If you would like our calendar shared with you, click below on "Contact Webmaster", and we will share it with you so it can be incorporated into your personal google calendar.

Here is the general plan for first 18 months.                Jan - Matthew               Feb - Mar - OT
                                                                                            April - Letters                May - June - OT
                                                                                            Jul- Acts                        Aug - Sept - OT 
                                                                                            Oct- Letters                   Nov - Dec - OT
                                                                                            Jan- Mark                      Feb - Mar    - OT
                                                                                            Apr - Letters                  May - June  -OT

Bro Bob recommends:

    If you fall behind more than a few days, just pick up with the current day's reading instead of trying to catch up.  It could be disheartening to always be behind, and it is more difficult to know where you are on a given day.